Old Town Hall Property

Lower lot below Temperance House foundation

 Old Town Hall and Center School  lot

Temperance House Hotel Foundation.  

The Old Town Hall Property once was the location of: 

  • Elias Hall’s store of 1795
  • Joseph Bowman and Henry Penniman’s store after Elias Hall
  • The Center School and hall of 1816-1860
  • The first cheese factory of 1865-1880
  • The second cheese factory of 1881-1885
  • The Town Hall of 1893 to 1977. 
The dance hall above the school, and later the first cheese factory, served as a gathering place and social center for the town.  Old Town Hall served this purpose after the old school/cheese factory-hall was gone. All use of this land ended in 1977 with the burning of the Old Town Hall. See the Center Tour tab at left for more information. 

Current display of plaster hat molds (dated 1862), found at the old Barr House,  153 Barr Rd.  On loan from Jane Cronin.

           Display of George Briggs' tractors purchased by the Society

                                         Display case in the Museum Room

Society Cafe at the Country Fair

Friends and family celebrate a memorial dedication ceremony for Donald Adams, George Briggs, and Paul Walker

Three benches in front of the Post Office, each with a bronze plaque, was dedicated to the memory of Don Adams, George Briggs, and Paul Walker—"men who served New Braintree and left it a better place".

                     State Sen.Stephen M. Brewer presented certificates to
                        members of the Walker, Adams and Briggs families

Friends and family enjoy the dedication of the benches and plaques.

Event sponsored by the New Braintree Historical Society and the 
Town Parks and Recreation Department.