About the Historical Society

On the evening of April 17, 1974, twelve people met to review and approve the new by-laws for the New Braintree Historical Society. These neighbors dedicated themselves to collecting, preserving, researching, and displaying materials of local  historical interest. Their goal was to establish a museum that would house those materials, stimulating local pride in, and love for, their town. At that time New Braintree had a 223-year history made rich and valuable by the hard work of its families.

Thanks to the continuous work and dedication of many, we have built upon their dream.

Current Officers:

President:  Richard Barrett

Vice President:John Schinnagel

Secretary:Deb Morrison

TreasurerJulie Rousseau

Town Celebrations

The New Braintree Congregational Church on June 19, 1901 during the 150th Town Celebration. Built in 1801, burnt down on April 2, 1911.  Photo by W.G. Rixford

The Brick Store decorated for the 150th Celebration. Built by Joseph Bowman and John Wetherell in 1816 and  served as a general store untill 1953.  Photo by W.G. Rixford

The Old Town Hall during the 200th anniversary of the town founding in 1951. Built in May, 1893, the Town Hall burnt to the ground in 1977. The building was the remodeled Cheese Manufacturing Company, which was built in 1882.  Photo by Donald Gray
This site is now owned by the Historical Society, to locate a park.

Town Center during the Sesquibicentennial Celebration in 2001.
Painted road cows by Robert and June Glidden and Stephine Benoit.
The Brick Store is atop the hill.

The Quabbin Band at the 250th Celebration