1 New Braintree Road Histories

Note – “2008” – reflects ownership recorded that year.  Road naming started in 1989.

Adams Road     In 1913 Richard Adams from Oakham purchased the farm at 224 Adams Road (2008 – Lena and son Richard, grandson of 1917 owner).

Barr Road        James E. Barr lived at 153 Barr Road (2008 – Jane Cronin).  His brother Charles owned 150 Barr Road (2008 – Kevin and Jennie Hope).  Charles Barr (a plumber by trade), was the Town clerk for a number of years.  After his death his widow, Fannie Barr, became the Town Clerk and served for 25 years.  Thanks to Charles Barr the house was the first in New Braintree to have indoor plumbing. The Barr family was one of the early families settling in New Braintree, having come from Northern Ireland in the mid-1700s.

Barre Road (Rt 67)                Road leading to Barre.

Barre Cut-Off Road                A short-cut to Barre Road from the center of town.

Bernard Whitney Road           Bernard Whitney, younger brother of Dennis Whitney, immigrated from Ireland in 1883.  He married Mary Ann King from Oakham.  He owned the farm at the site of 125 Bernard Whitney Road (2008 – David and Peggy Thompson).  The original house burned in the early 1900s.

Cemetery Road                      The road bordering the Evergreen Cemetery.

Charles Lane Road                 Charles Lane was an undertaker who owned 214 Charles Lane Road in 1917

(2008 – Diane and Fred Smith III).

Cross Road (at Oakham Rd)   The road crossing between Oakham and Utley Road, east of the 1996 Grade School and the Pollard Library.

Cushman Road                       William Cushman owned the farm on the site of 290 Cushman Road in the 1800s.  The original house was taken down and according to early reports, the material was used to construct or add to a building known as Westbrook Heights on Route 9 (2008 – 180 Main Street in West Brookfield).

Davis Road                             On early maps the road leading from between 159 Hardwick Road (Theresa Goulet’s house) and 171 Hardwick Road (2008 – Tom and Donalyn Schofield) to the intersection at Slein and Hardwick Roads was known as the Dennis Healey Road.  The Healey place was demolished or had burned.  After William and Betty purchased the properties at 159 and 171 Hardwick Road, they sold the property on the old Healey Road and that section was renamed Davis Road.  At one time several houses were located on this road.

Dennis Whitney Road            Dennis Whitney, older brother of Bernard Whitney, immigrated from Ireland in 1882, with his wife Bridget (McGreevy) Whitney.  They lived on the site of the farmhouse at 241 Dennis Whitney Road (2008 – Felix and Florence Thompson).  Dennis died young, aged 43 yrs., 7mos., of a valvular heart condition and is buried in North Brookfield.

Gilbertville Road                    Road leading from West Brookfield Road to Gilbertville.

Goodfield Road                      William and Sadie Goodfield owned the farm at 115 Goodfield Road.  The original farmhouse and three large barns burned in April 1901 (2008 – Randy Stevens).

Hardwick Road                       Road leading to Hardwick from the center of New Braintree.

Harrington Road                     Nathaniel Harrington lived on the site or nearby at 111 Harrington Road (2008 – Jeff and Brenda Howland).

Havens Road                           Edwin and Ida Moore Havens owned the farm at 49 Havens Road (2008 Dexter and Marcy Newton).  Originally the road continued to Barre Cut-Off Road west of 1205 Barre Road (2008 – Glenn and Genevieve Stillman).

Hilton Road                            A new road from the mid-1900s.  David and Zellah Hilton own 51 Hilton Road.

Igoe Road                               Michael Igoe owned 122 Igoe Road (2008 – Michael and June Klem).

Letendre Lane                         Hector Letendre owned 66 Letendre Lane (2008 – Stanley and Darlene Dowgielewicz).

Mara Road                              Timothy and Hattie Davis Mara owned the farm at 294 Mara Road (2008 – Helen Soltys Ziemba).

McEvoy Road                         Michael McEvoy owned 125 McEvoy Road (2008- Kenneth Bjorkland).

McKay Road                           Calvin McKay owned 185 McKay Road in 1917.  On an 1857 map McKay Road ran northerly from east of 58 wine Road (2007 – Bruce and Bonnie Reynolds), to the house of William Child (2008 – no longer extant), easterly to 121 West Road (2008 – Gaudreau).  That section of the road was closed in 1956.  In February 1931 the town voted to accept the road leading from 185 McKay Road (2008 – G. & C. Reavey, old cellar hole).  In March 1953 the town voted to accept McKay Road to enter Hardwick Road.

Millstone Road                       Accepted by the town in mid-1900s.  Build by Don Adams.

Moore Road                            Horatio Moore owned the farm at 775 Moore Road (2008 – Paul and Marilyn Schur).

Murphy road                           Murphy Road runs southerly from Webb Road to North Brookfield where the Murphy property seems to have been located.

North Brookfield Road           The road from Oakham to New Braintree to North Brookfield.  (2008 – Route 148).

Oakham Cut-Off Road           The road between Oakham Road and Barre Road.

Oakham Road                         The road from the center of town to Oakham.

Old Common Road                 The original common was the land between Old Common Road and Oakham Road.  In March 1899, the town voted $50 for the improvement of the Common and to discontinue roads crossing it.  Later in 1899 the town voted to discontinue two roads leading trough the “park” in front of the Congregational Church.

Old turnpike Road                  This was one of the first main highways from Boston to Northampton.  From the 1795 Seth Frost diary:  “This year there was a new County road opened from Northampton to Boston through ware and New Braintree.”

Wine Road                              After the hurricane of 1955 washed out a major section of Wine Road, a new section of road replaced that area.

Padre Road                             In 1914 an Austrian, John Pedria, lived at 435 Padre Road (2008 – Wayne and Sandra Ketola).  Town Clerk, Mr. George Loftus, possibly misspelled the name.  It was correctly printed as “Pedria” in the town Valuation Record.

Pierce Road                             Edward F. Pierce owned the farm in the area of the Pierce place.  It was dismantled when a new house was built for Ruth Pierce and her husband Kevin Owens near the site of 195 Pierce Road.  The road originally extended into West Brookfield.  A town vote discontinued it on March 4, 1872.

Prouty Road                            A Prouty family lived on this road on the North Brookfield side.  In 1905 an Albert H. Prouty, fom North Brookfield, was listed as the physician on the Death Certificate for Dennis Whitney. A section of New Braintree in this area was made part of North Brookfield in 1911.

Ravine Road                           There were several Revane families listed in New Braintree town evaluations.  Vital records spell it Revane.  The Revane family was either John J. or John W. at the time of road naming.

Rutherford Road                     J. C. Rutherford of Oakham owned land on this road.

Scott Road                             

Sibley Road                            John Sibley owned the farm (2008 – Charles McLaughlin and Deborah Houston).

Skivira Lane                           Joseph Skowyra owned the farm at 140 Skivira Lane.  Skowyra is the family’s spelling and also in the Vital Records.  In the Valuation Record it is “Skoyora” (2008 – Dorothea Thomas-Vitrac).

Thompson Road                     George Thompson owned the farm in 1917.  He sold it to his son Charles Bush Thompson when he returned from WWI.  Charles and his wife Alice Thompson, owned the farm which was struck by lightning and burned in 1935.  The Farm was located between the properties owned in 2008 by David and Rhonda Howe and Harry and Carol Andrews 716 Hardwick Road.  The property is now owned by the MA Wildlife Management Agency.

Tucker Road                           Tucker Road ran from Gilbertville in New Braintree to Tucker Farm in West Brookfield.

Unitas Road                            Unitas Road runs from West Road to Hardwick.  John Unitas owned this farm 2008 – Arthur and Barbara Rossi).

Utley Road                              James and Susan Utley owned the farm at 685 Utley Road (2008 – C. William and Janice Howland).

Ware Road                              The road to Ware.

Webb Road                             This road ran from Utley Rod to the Fay Farm site of 171 Webb Road (2008 – Lorna Pollard).  In 1917, J. Thomas Webb lived on the farm (2008 Roland and Judith Morin).  The road was extended to meet Mill Road in the 1890s.  Originally a road ran from across the Crossroad to join Mill Road.  That road was closed when there were no longer any buildings on it:  March 1, 1875 – Town voted to discontinue the road leading from the southeast corner of the Old Common Road to the Waite Corner (so called).  For a short time in 1996-97 this road was reopened as Matthews Road.  Then discovery that it has been closed by a town meeting in 1875 caused the road to be closed again.

West Brookfield Road            Road to West Brookfield from town center.

Wine Road                              John Wine lived at 580 wine Road (2008 – Sean and Sharon Hamel

Worcester Road                      Road from intersection at Oakham Road, bearing right to Worcester.