1946 view of New Braintree town center.
Photo Donald Gray

Many notable historic buildings in the center of New Braintree are occupied, remain largely untouched and can easily be viewed by walking or driving.

Town center building locations along West Brookfield Road and Hardwick Road.
Building identification guide.
1870 historic map of town center.
Hardwick Road looking north. Temperance House Hotel 1837-1880 (first on left). Center School then became First Cheese Factory 1816-1800 (second on left). Note little boy on right. Both property sites are now owned by New Braintree Historical Society.
View of the Second Cheese factory 1881-1892, before it became the Old Town Hall 1892-1977. Property site is now owned by the Historical Society.
Marker on Hardwick Road at site of once was the Temperance House and Cheese Factory.
Temperance House Hotel 1837-1880
The hotel served as a function hall, hotel and gathering place for the town.  A fire destroyed the hotel, its barn, the first cheese factory and the Bigelow house across the road. To the right of the hotel is a bridge leading to the second floor hall above the Center School. Dances and events were held there. This property site is now owned by the New Braintree Historical Society.
The Brick Store decorated for the 150th Celebration. Built by Joseph Bowman and John Wetherell in 1816 and served as a general store until 1953.  The building is undergoing restoration. Photo by W.G. Rixford.
Marker on Hardwick Road. Site of New Braintree’s first schoolhouse.
The New Braintree Congregational Church on June 19, 1901 during the 150th Town Celebration (note spectators on roof). The historical address was given here. Built in 1801, the church burnt down on April 2, 1911. 
Photo by W. G. Rixford.
Old Town Hall and Center School lot – 2019.

The Old Town Hall Property once was the location of:

  • Elias Hall’s store of 1795
  • Joseph Bowman and Henry Penniman’s store after Elias Hall
  • The Center School and hall of 1816-1860
  • The first cheese factory of 1865-1880
  • The second cheese factory of 1881-1885
  • The Town Hall of 1893 to 1977. 

The dance hall above the school, and later the first cheese factory, served as a gathering place and social center for the town. Old Town Hall served this purpose after the old school/cheese factory-hall was gone. All use of this land ended in 1977 with the burning of the Old Town Hall.

Lower lot below Temperance House foundation – 2019.
Temperance House Hotel Foundation – 2019.