The heart of New Braintree has always been farming and its farming families.

Since the arrival of New Braintree’s first settlers, this rich soil location has supported a huge variety of agricultural pursuits: dairy, beef, sheep, goats, chickens, horses, hay and produce of all description and naturally it provided a livelihood for generations of farm families.

Of the many active farms today, one farm has made the history record book for being in continuous operation, by the same family members, since before the American Revolution! For those of you who are doing the math, that would be an astonishing 10 generations.

Your Pick – decorative squash and pumpkins.

In March of 1976, the 180 acre Pollard farm, known as Ashland Farm on Oakham Road, was named one of fifteen “bicentennial farms” in all of Massachusetts. Ashland Farm, so named as it was once surrounded by ash trees, was established in 1730 by Jacob Nichols. The current Pollard family (who are the direct descendants of Jacob Nichols) have been living on this farm and producing food for our tables since those early days so long ago.
Through all the challenging changes that the farming industry has endured, the beautiful Pollard Farm has survived and indeed has thrived for generations yet to come.

Ashland Farm Stand.
Pollard house Oakham Road, built 1812.
Ashland Farm sign corner of Route 67 and Oakham Road
Sugar Pumpkins ready for pies or carving.
Farm Machinery warning