An expedition seeking to gain neutrality with the Nipmuc Indians resulted in an ambush and death for Captain Hutchinson and many of his men, but Captain Thomas Wheeler survived to tell the day. Sign is at intersection of Route 67 and the Barre Cut Off Road.

The exact New Braintree location of the ambush of an expedition of British from the colony of Massachusetts, has been much discussed. What is known, is that on August 2, 1675, Captains Edward Hutchinson and Thomas Wheeler with twenty men ventured into Nipmuc (Nipmuc means fresh water) Indian territory with the intention of securing a pledge of neutrality from the Indians and to then report back to Boston. It didn’t happen. Under their leader Muttawmp, Nipmuc Indian musket fire surprised the expedition leaving half the men dead and wounding many others including Capt. Hutchinson, who eventually died and Capt. Wheeler who, although wounded, survived.
The Indians continued on their attack into Brookfield laying siege to Ayres Tavern until August 4, when they withdrew after the arrival of additional British troops.

Nipmuc Indian siege on Ayres’ Tavern Brookfield, MA
West Road marker. “Somewhere within a half mile, along the base of this hill, Capt. Edward Hutchison, and his company, were attacked by Indians, lying in ambush, Aug. 2, 1675, and he and more than one half his men, slain or wounded”.